You're Confused? What About Me! #SISSYSundays

YOU’RE confused!? What about me...

Soooooo, I was working, and this guy referred to me as a guy. I didn’t even like him that much, but it just pissed me off because I’m getting tired of this confusion. It’s like bitch, you confused- did you ever think about what I was going through? So um, everytime I hear him refer to me as a man it pisses me off. 

Everytime guys say “Wassup man” it really pisses me off, cause I’M NOT YO’ MAN. They’re really saying that, cause they’re trying to piss me off, right? Because they see what I look like. I’m in a damn dress, and I never once presented myself as a man. 

Do you think they’re saying “man” because they are trying to act like they don’t care that you are a man in a dress to them? Just say nothing. I mean just say nothing. Because- if you don’t know what gender I am, that’s _______…. if I clearly look like a man…… I mean, I dunno.

In their heads, they equate deep voices with masculine tendencies.  I don’t try to talk in a deep voice, I purposefully try to talk in a high voice. Maybe my voice is a lot deeper than I realize? 

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