Poem by a Bottom Bitch

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Poem by a Bottom Bitch

Article by Traffickers Against Trafficking

Written by a survivor

This poem was written by a “Bottom Bitch” For those of you who do not know, a bottom Bitch is a woman in the Pimp family that is the oldest woman the pimp has. This is not chronological age, it is the order in which the prostituted people came to that particular pimp “family” or stable. Now when we are in the life we strive to become the bottom Bitch because it is a role that is held with pride. It means the pimp will stay with you and you will get married and live happily ever after. Because of the stigma that goes with being the Bottom, you also have many more responsibilities. You collect money; drive the others to the block, or club, or hotel. You care for the pimp like no other in the family. He “trusts” you with his enterprise. You will post pictures of other women, put things in your name like houses, cars, cell phones, hotel rooms, etc. The pimp can be invisible and the Bottom takes all risks with the police. Most criminal activity is in the Bottoms name. A Major function of your role is to fill the family with people to prostitute. Looking back I wonder WHY we all strive to be the Bottom. Here is a poem written by a woman who feels guilty about her role.

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Video: Bottom Bit by Dean FM

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By Rockstar Ministries

Did I traffic you, did I do you harm?

I was a bottom bitch, is it cause for alarm?

When you were hungry, living on the street, I only taught, what I had to teach.

I turned you out, I did it before.

As many of you turned, he would always want more.

I wrestle, inside, with the damage I’ve done.

The Life that I’ve taught you was all very wrong.

Was I your pimp? Did I force you, or did you fall for my charm?

How could you call me a trafficker, I was twist by my arm.

I was a bottom, the top to the rest.

The pimp, he encouraged me to do my best.

If you bring her to me, your quota will fall,

you won’t have to bring to me the all,

your fees cut in half, just bring her to me.

I went and I met you, I gave you a smile, we laughed and went out and bonded awhile.

The message I got half the way through, if you don’t bring her home I’ll kill you too.

I’m sorry I took you, I lead you astray.

I was a bottom bitch, and for this I pray.

Lord I didn’t know better, I didn’t understand,

I was forced like her, to work for the man.

Regrets I have for me and you,

bottom bitches unite! You are trafficked too.


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Video: Bottom Bit by Dean FM

Video: The Power of a Bottom Bitch

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