Non-Binary People: The Need to Know, Regard and Support Them

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Non-Binary People: The Need to Know, Regard and Support Them

NON-BINARY  - This term is the most widely used when it comes to gender categorizing. We all know there are two main gender types the "male" and the "female", but when we have a close look at some humans, we come to realize that some don't fit perfectly in either of the two known gender types. They either have mixed features of the male and female or, they don't look anywhere look close to a  male or female. Gender could change with time, and some choose not to be classified as any. 

Anyone in this category, use some terms to identify themselves of which "non-binary" is the most widely used. Other names include bigender, genderqueer, transsexual, or agenda. They all have different definitions, but they all point fingers towards not being clearly a male or female. 

Why non-binary? 

Binary in a general sense means two parts. Most societies of the world today recognize only two genders, male and female, most times called "a gender binary". This is why the term "non-binary" was coined to refer to those who don't fall into any of the two gender categories. 

Facts you didn't know about non-binary people. 

They are not new beings - They are not perplexed about their identities, or widespread phenomenon, they have been identified by many cultures in the universe for thousands of years. 

Medical process  - most but not all non-binary people go through medical care to make their bodies corresponding with their identities. Some of them see the need for medical attention while others don't. 

Most transgender isn't non-binary - Most transgender beings have a male or female identity and should be treated like every other male or female. While others are non-binary. 

Non-binary isn't intersex - Intersex people are known to have sexual or reproductive anatomy that doesn't fit into the male or female category, but they identify with either gender, most of them though. Non-binary people are not intersex because they physically fit into the male or female category but their inborn gender identity is neither of them. 

How to regard and support them. 

Giving your support and respect to non-binary people isn't an arduous task like you may think even if you just knew one today.

Unconditional respect - your respect shouldn't have limitations to only gender types you understand. All identities deserve some respect despite the non-binary term being strange or having a hard time knowing them. 

Use their desired names - This aspect is very important in respect terms. Never ask of their former names, because at some point you might need names that will reflect on their identity, but never ask. 

Avoid assumptions -  Merely looking at a person can't tell if non-binary or not, just like you can't tell a transgender by mere looks, avoid making assumptions. 

Ask for desired pronouns - Most non-binary people use "they", while others use "he/she", endeavor to ask which the person prefers, it might feel awkward but trust me it's the utmost sign of respect for their identity.

Friendly policies - Non-binary friendly policies should be made, to enable them to dress and live comfortably while being respected at work, public places or at school. 

Understanding the bathroom challenge - They should be supported by allowing them to use any convenience they feel safe in, without being harassed, or feel unsafe. 

Friendly conversation - Talk to non-binary people always, pay attention to their stories, there is no better way to understand them than doing these. 


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Video: Bottom Bit by Dean FM

Video: The Power of a Bottom Bitch

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