Men In Dresses #SISSYSundays

Men in Dresses

This shit really pisses me off.

It’s like- why women in suits are OK, but when men wear dresses the whole world gotta say some shit? Gay men and Lesbians get a lot more respect than the trans community. 

When I’m applying to music festivals, some festivals are gender specific- ie: women only, or gay men only- I mean really? I already feel left out of the equation- now we got gay communities that are more accepted- and I don’t exist?

Women getting awards, men getting awards, what about trans individuals- or better yet- why don’t we just live in a world where we all have opportunities because there aren’t these defining labels in existence?

Billy Porter wears a damn dress at the Grammy’s and everybody lovin’ it, but the minute shit gets too real for ya’ll- you want to start avoiding situations and act like it’s not a “thing.” Well, it is a “thing” and we need to discuss it.

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