It's Not About Being Gay, It's About Being You #SISSYSundays

It’s Not About Being Gay, It’s About Being You

I mean really. I don’t know why I have to explain this. BUT- really, it’s about being you. I wear my WAGLY wristbands and they give me hope, and I love my gay people- but in the end, it’s not about being gay, it’s about being you.

Sometimes these men get all campy about shit, and people go treating you a certain way because of how you gender identify, however when it comes down to it- the most important theme that remains is to be you. 

I don’t think I’m a community activist for gay people or trans people, I am just me. I wear what I wear and I walk down the streets with a bunch of white ladies staring at me- but that’s normal for me. I’m not sayin that it shouldn’t change- but that’s another story. 

I’m just saying- why do we have to be all about being GAY, or being TRANS, or whatever it is- even Gender Fluid. Why does it matter? Can’t we all just be humanoids living without tags and boundaries and all that shit? We should just be able to live.

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