Is Men's Make-Up Going Mainstream?

Is Men’s Make-Up Going Mainstream?

Everyday fashion trends change.

Somebody just wakes up and decides to change a fashion trend and redefine what fashion is for men and women.

One of the recent trends that we thought was cast in stone for women is make-up. Before now, wearing make-up as a man was assumed to be sissy and toxic masculinity was having none of that.

But now, things have changed. In February this year, David Beckham appeared on the cover of LOVE magazine with eye make-up and this sparked conversations. 

Men’s make-up may seem like a recent development but history says otherwise. Alexander the Great wore make-up, Picts also painted their faces and bodies in colors. Even with the stereotype, Bowie, Prince and Johnny Depp defied odds and chose whatever fashion style they wanted, regarding not the gender specificity. 

With the increase of men with the confidence to add colors to their faces, recent launches of men cosmetic line and male make-up artists, is men’s make-up going mainstream soon? 

Met Gala 2019 had some male celebrities like Darren Criss show up with nice make-up. Well, these male celebrities were mostly gay. Despite the change in trend, conventional masculinity still resists the idea of make-up. Right from growing up, boys were told that a rough look was the coolest thing for them while girls were made to pay attention to how they look. A bruise, a broken nose, and flaws were celebrated in boys that grew up to be men.

With the likes of Harwood, the male-grooming business is growing. The business had a value of $57.7billion and is predicted to reach $78.6billion by 2023. In Daniel Grav’s words after launching his Britain produced men make-up brand goes as thus “Grooming has exploded. There’s a massive market for this, and it looks set to grow. What we want men to realize is that, when you say make-up, we don’t just mean red lipstick. Make-up is putting a nice base on so that you can have an even skin tone and feel the best you can.”

Make-up in women has over time become more of a chore rather than an enhancement.

Women spend hours boosting their confidence with cakes and colors of make-up. This can make make-up unappealing for the male folks. Miranda Joyce explains it “I really wish makeup could be seen as a more liberating, playful, expressive device. If the perspective shifted, maybe men would feel more inclined to experiment.”

Toxic masculinity is still very responsible for what the society sees as manly or masculine and breaching the gap between gender roles, expectations and stereotype will help in boosting the equality we clamor for. Young men can do things stereotypical to women and not feel out of place. Suicide rates among men caused by the society’s disapproval of them due to their flair for unconventional things will also reduce. Men’s make-up is still growing in acceptance and value. It is coming to the mainstream, soon.

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