Black People Hating on the Black Gay Community #SISSYSundays

Black People Hating on the Black Gay Community

Honestly- I get more hate from the black community about being gay than I do from the white or any other community.

I'm not speaking from any statistic, I'm speaking from experience in my everyday life. It saddens me that we amongst eachother pride ourselves on our skin color, but we don't dare to support eachother in efforts of alternative gender identities or sexual identities.

It's time to empower and uplift eachother in 360 degrees. See below how we can do so:


Consider including voices of black LGBT people in stories that survey African American history and civil rights progress. Interviews with and opinion pieces by LGBT people of color are good opportunities to increase the diversity of voices in Black History Month coverage.

Additional suggestions for inclusive coverage:

  • Recognize that the black LGBT community is diverse and that no one voice can or should represent an entire community. Black LGBT people encompass a broad spectrum of life experiences from doctors and lawyers to hip hop artists and literary figures. Seek out their and others' stories.

  • Consider the daily lives of black LGBT people. So often, stories about LGBT communities of color revolve around HIV/AIDS or hate crimes. While these are important stories to tell, also try to think about positive or upbeat stories that might be of interest to your readers and which reflect the daily reality of the black LGBT experience.

  • While it is okay to use terms like gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender when writing in general terms about the black LGBT community, do not assume that all people identify using these terms. Some have adopted the term "Same Gender Loving" (or SGL) or other identities that are more inclusive of both sexual orientation and race. Others may not identify with any terms at all. As you would ask a transgender person which name and pronoun they would like you to use, please ask LGBT people of color how they would like you to identify their racial and sexual orientation identities.

  • Avoid stereotypes when covering AIDS, the black community and the "Down Low." While silence around sexual orientation stems from anti-LGBT beliefs and attitudes, one should not make the distinction that black communities are more anti-LGBT than any other community or that concealing one's orientation or identity is a uniquely black phenomenon. These sociocultural complexities should be examined with respect and dignity for the people they represent.

  • Consult with black LGBT leaders and organizations if you have questions about complex issues. When dealing with an issue that is unfamiliar, these community leaders and experts can offer invaluable resources that can assist you in providing the best possible coverage.

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